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International Family Lawyers in Sydney

Our lawyers connect clients from around the world with our specialised international family lawyers in Sydney.

We represent families in various countries throughout Asia, Europe and the US. Our lawyers have experience with highly-complex matters involving the Hague Convention, as well as with the laws of countries that are not signatories. This means that we are able to facilitate and ease the processes for you involved in obtaining permission for overseas trips, and to assist in cases of child abduction.

Our lawyers provide our offshore clients with the same high standards of legal expertise and personal connection as our local clients.  We maintain consistent communication using multiple avenues, including email, telephone calls and video conferences, so you and your family can receive the highest standard of legal expertise no matter where you are in the world.

Any legal matter regarding your family, such as separation, child support or property settlements can be highly emotional. Our lawyers aim to be a calming and steadying presence during this turbulent time in your life. We act as your reliable  and trustworthy representative to resolve your family law issues, allowing you and your family to focus on the personal aspects of this trying period.

More than just being your strong and supportive legal counsel, we make sure to listen, understand and integrate the personal aspects of your unique circumstances when providing advice. This will assist you in making better decisions.

Whether you are in Australia and involved in child support/custody disputes with an overseas ex-partner, or you are overseas seeking help the with Australian family law,  our solicitors are highly- experienced team of Sydney-based, international family lawyers can help you achieve the legal outcome you want.

Whether you are located overseas or in Australia, contact us  to arrange your initial appointment.