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Family Lawyers

Family lawyers in Sydney

Are you facing separation and difficulty in your relationship? Are you ready to face the binding judgment of a court? Some Family lawyers will work with you to resolve during your relationship breakdown issues and can represent you, where needed, in family courts in Sydney.

Is family court for you?

Court is a daunting option for many people, but in certain circumstances, it may be the only option available. Some lawyers work with you to assess the severity and extent of your family law issues, and determine whether it is necessary for you to go to court.

Family court is often the last resort, and there are other legal alternatives that lawyers may recommend to avoid this process and achieve a solution for you.

Whenever applicable, lawyers will attempt to establish an amicable mediation between you and your partner to see if there is a more cost-effective and less stressful way of resolving your relationship dispute issues. If this isn’t possible, lawyers can represent you, as required, in court.

How much does the family court cost?

It is difficult to estimate how much going to court will cost each party, without first getting an understanding of your particular situation. It is also dependent on how the other party will react in these types of situations. However, rest-assured, that after initial consultation, which some lawyers provide at no cost to you, they will be in a better position to provide you with an estimate (if court is a possibility in your circumstances).

Does my case fit under the family court?

If your case involves financial or parenting issues, then it is eligible to be taken to court. Depending on whether it involves financial and/or parenting issues, there will be a number of court events which will take place in an effort to help resolve the dispute between you and your partner.

It is important to assess and thoroughly review your case before making any significant decisions.