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Our History

Our firm has been practicing law for eleven years, and all three of our principal lawyers have been at the firm for at least seven. The firm operates as a partnership between Brian O’Conner, Rebecca Downey and Brendan Williams, and the three often consult with one another. Brian and Rebecca have been friends since studying law in the same class at Sydney University, graduating in 1995. In 2006, they decided it was time to start their own firm, and Lawyers Plus was born.

Initially the practice operated in Newcastle, but after a few years Rebecca and Brian realised that they were capable of handling a bigger caseload than they were being offered. In 2009 they moved to Sydney, and acquired a suite of offices in Parramatta.

In 2010 the pair decided that they needed a third lawyer to handle property cases and assist with their load of civil litigation. Earlier that year, Rebecca had acted in a wrongful dismissal case with the opposing side represented by Brendan. She was impressed with how he handled his brief and, after consulting with Brian, they decided to invite him to buy in as a third partner.

The three partners have been the core of the firm ever since and, in 2012, moved offices to the Sydney CBD where the practice is now based. The move gave them a bigger office space, allowing them to employ a larger support staff and take on some junior lawyers to assist with their cases.