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Some questions customers ask

Fill out the form on our website and the lawyer who is best equipped to handle your case will make contact with you to explain the process, our fees and to get a better understanding of the case.

It depends on the case. We charge by the hour, so more complicated cases will cost more than shorter ones. Cases that drag on through negotiations and end up in court will be the most expensive. Criminal law is usually less complicated than family or civil law, so these cases will most likely cost less. The cost of legal assistance with property and estate planning will depend on how complicated the document is.

At your first consultation we will explain the relevant law and tell you whether we think you can win. The less likely you are to win in court, the more we will have to be prepared to give up in negotiations. However, there is never a 100% guarantee of winning in court, so we prefer to resolve everything through negotiation. In criminal cases, if you decide to plead guilty our goal is to either get you released without a conviction recorded or to reduce the sentence, if the crime is more serious.

Technically no, but it is highly recommended (and not just because we’re lawyers). You can get your own conveyancing kit, but you will need a thorough understanding of council, state and federal property laws in order to make sure the process is carried out properly – and if it isn’t, you could be in a world of trouble and confusion with another party potentially having legal claim to the property.

Estate planning can similarly be done yourself, with enough research and effort. Writing a will is incredibly complicated, and if it isn’t very clear then things could turn nasty – particularly if one of the beneficiaries doesn’t get as much as they hope they should (or someone who thinks they should be a beneficiary isn’t mentioned). You don’t want your family to be fighting over your property once you’re gone, and you don’t get another go if you don’t get your will right.

Hiring an expert for legal documents as important as conveyancing and estate planning just makes sense. It means that you don’t need to worry about the process, and you can be confident that the documents will be watertight.