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About Us

You come first. At Lawyers Plus, our clients are the only priority, and we will do whatever we can – and whatever it takes – to get you your ideal outcome. Our lawyers can deal with family, property and criminal law, as well as civil litigation (whether you are the injured party or the defendant).

We always go in to bat hard for our clients during negotiations, and even harder if the matter reaches a courtroom. We will take the time to get to know you and what you want out of the case, and we won’t rest until we have achieved it.  Our hardworking team has the skills, experience and knowledge required to take on tough cases, and the reputation to ensure that other firms are cautious when they come up against us.

Reaching beyond where you are is really important.

Firms that guarantee success don’t take on any case that isn’t an open and shut win – they can’t afford to. Because we want to help every person who walks through our door, we take on any case and try to find the best solution for you  – and we almost always manage to get our clients an outcome that is, at worst, acceptable to them.

We have one golden rule: every client deserves to have someone on their side, giving their best effort to help them. This means that, although we try to settle cases out of court as often as we can, we aren’t afraid to go all the way if we think that it is the best way to get you the outcome you want. Our lawyers are tough, and we are excellent at what we do. This combination makes us one of the most formidable law firms in Sydney.


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