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Questions you should ask before studying law

May 3, 2018
Law is one of those high profile professions like medicine or finance that people choose to pursue a career in for a variety of different reasons. Some people are motivated...

Does the family law system really favour women over men?

Apr 30, 2018
Throughout western culture and via several legal paradigms there is an entrenched belief that the family law system defaults to take the side of women over men. This is because...

How to fight child kidnapping with Child Abduction Lawyers

Apr 26, 2018
An unfortunate reality for many separated or divorced parents is that they may have to rely on professional child abduction lawyers to aid them in family law disputes involving their...

Tips For Dads Surviving Divorce

Apr 10, 2018
Surviving the divorce process can sometimes be challenging and getting a fair deal at the end of it all can be even harder. Family law for dads can often leave...

What calls for family lawyer in Sydney?

Apr 7, 2018
When legal issues come to the fore it is important to act swiftly in order to get on top of the issue as quickly as possible. If it is family...

The most important facts about robbery charges in Australia

Apr 7, 2018
Australia, like most developed countries, treats the act of stealing very seriously. Unlike common theft, also known as larceny, robbery is defined as involving the assault of a person or...

Why It Is Important To Hire A Criminal Barrister in Melbourne

Feb 16, 2018
Stepping into the Melbourne courtroom can be scary for anyone, especially if they know nothing about the millions of laws and legislations that are in place. The court room is...

Understanding the process of a ‘Collaborative Divorce’

Feb 15, 2018
Nobody spends their life wanting to get divorced, so when it happens the consequences can be shattering. Divorce affects all members of the family, although children suffer the most as...

Facts Everyone Should Know About Child Custody

Feb 9, 2018
Child custody, like all issues surrounding the breakdown of relationships is a highly sensitive issue. The goal of the Australian legal system is to prioritise the rights and wellbeing of...

Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Criminal Lawyer in Melbourne

Feb 1, 2018
Hiring a solicitor is an important step in the success of the case. It needs to be well thought through and a wide variety of factors need to be taken...