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Lawyers who specialise in all areas of law, and all of them have strong results. Reputable lawyers can help you no matter what your legal problem is, from family areas, routine probate issues to criminal defence. If you or one of your loved ones needs a lawyer, get in touch with lawyers.

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Respectful Lawyer

Defence Lawyers

Lawyers take the time to get to know each of clients personally, so that tehy fully understand your position and what a favourable outcome for you will be. Most cases are not decided by a judge, but by negotiation. This means that it is vitally important for us to know your circumstances and what you need to get out of the process, so that we can get the best deal for you.

Family Law

Work in family, youth and children’s law aims to help people resolve family disputes. Lawyers are specialising in family law areas, especially in: divorce, property, financial agreements, children’s matters and international law cases.

Divorce and Custody

Lawyers have specialist divorce lawyers at the firm who will help you ensure that your divorce does not have an impact on your standard of living, and that custody arrangements are in the best interests of your children.

Criminal Law

When you are involved with the police, especially if they are treating you as a suspect, lawyers can make sure that your rights are not infringed and will help to put up a vigorous defence if you are charged with a crime.

Probate Lawyer

Probate is the process of proving and registering in the Supreme Court the last Will of a deceased person. Highly experiences probate lawyers who understand that dealing with probate following the death of a loved one.


If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you deserve compensation. Make sure that you get all that you need to make a full recovery and continue to live your life.

Estate Planning

An ironclad will is the best way to ensure that your estate is divided up the way you want it to be. If the will is not airtight (or worse, non-existent), there can be messy legal challenges for your family to deal with. Lawyers can also provide assistance if a will is contested.

Wrongful Dismissal

If you believe that you have been dismissed because of discrimination or harassment; we will take the case and fight to make your former employer pays for it.

Property and Conveyancing

Lawyers can review contracts and make sure that there are no grey areas in your property transfers, as well as dealing with any disputes that may arise during the process.

Case Evaluation

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    Why Lawyers?

    Lawyers have decades of experience in dealing with every legal matter under the sun, and between us we know every single aspect of NSW, Australian and International law back to front. Lawyers can help you with any legal matter you may have, whether you need advice, assistance with documents or someone to go in to bat for you in negotiations. If need be, Lawyers will also get the best barrister available to represent you in the courtroom. If you need more convincing before you decide Lawyers are the best lawyers for you, read further – after all, convincing people to come around to our point of view is what we do!

    Everyone deserves a defender, someone who will fight for them even when the rest of the world is against them.” - Brian O’Conner, Criminal Lawyer
    #1 Lawyers in Sydney

    Breadth of Expertise

    Lawyers have experts in any area of law you need. Whether you need a family lawyer to help with divorce or custody proceedings, a property lawyer to help draw up contracts and make sure all of your property deals are airtight, a criminal lawyer to protect your rights and ensure you are treated fairly, or any other kind of legal service you can think of, we have experts who will help you.

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    One of a kind

    Personal Attention

    Lawyers need to understand your case inside and out to make sure you get the best outcome. Lawyers will have regular meetings with you to keep you updated with progress and to consult with you about the various options for proceeding. Lawyers work hard to get to know you and your situation in order to build a strategy to deliver your ideal outcome.

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    Hundreds of cases

    Proven Achievement

    Lawyers have a long history of achieving goals. While it is very rare for either side to be able to claim a “success” in litigation or in family law, Lawyers have a long track record of attaining settlements that clients are more than happy to sign.  None of the documents we have helped to draft, whether in estate planning or property, have been successfully challenged either.  While Lawyers can’t always get criminal law clients off the hook, Lawyers can usually mitigate their sentence or have the case dismissed without a criminal conviction recorded. Lawyers record of accomplishments means that you can be confident that your case will be in good hands with lawyers.

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    General Lawyers

    There’s a reason we have so many happy clients: we fight hard for each and every one of them. Collectively lawyers have almost 50 years of experience representing clients, in court if necessary. Because lawyers don’t guarantee success, lawyers are able to take on cases that are less clear cut, and still nearly always get an outcome you are satisfied with. Lawyers are known as one of the most formidable law firms in Sydney, and as you have seen above, that reputation has been well earned. In the very rare instance (so rare that it hasn’t happened yet) that lawyers don’t have the right lawyer to help you, they will help you find them.

    Brian O’Conner

    Criminal lawyer
    Brian is one of the leading criminal law experts in the state. He has consulted on a number of high profile cases, and excels in finding any potential holes or flaws in police cases against his clients. Brian will do his utmost to prevent your case from going to court, but if it does he...

    Rebecca Downey

    Family lawyer and estate planning consultant
    Rebecca is an outstanding family lawyer, and she is the woman you want on your side in divorce proceedings or custody disputes. She will fight hard to ensure that you and your children get the best outcome possible, both to preserve your standard of living and in custody arrangements. Rebecca is also an excellent draftswoman,...

    Brendan Williams

    Property lawyer and civil litigation expert
    Brendan is the man to see to deal with all of your conveyancing needs and property transfer issues. He can spot any flaw or irregularity in a contract, and will ensure that you are fully protected in all possible eventualities. While all lawyers are fully trained and well equipped to deal with any civil litigation...

    Get your ideal solution to legal problems

    Lawyers specialise in numerous different areas of law, with special expertise in criminal, family and property law. Lawyers focus is on making the legal process as painless as possible, while still delivering your ideal outcome.

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